You would like to have 2 diplomas at the end of your secondary studies?


You are interested in vocational training trades?


You would like to have quick access to the job market?

Register now for concomitance!

What is concomitance (2-4-U)?

Concomitance allows you to simultaneously pursue a vocational training program and a regular secondary level education. By participating in the concomitance (2-4-U) program, you can obtain a High School Diploma (DES) and a Vocational Studies Diploma (DEP).

What are the benefits of concomitance ?

  • Learn a trade that interests you while pursuing your regular secondary studies.
  • Access the job market more quickly.
  • Obtain two diplomas: a DES and a DEP at the end of your courses.

Who can benefit from this program?

Any cycle 2 students who have successfully completed the secondary 3 units of French, English and Mathematics.

What is the schedule like?

The general rule is, you spend 3 days at the vocational training centre that offers the program you have chosen and 2 days at your high school for your regular education program.

What is the cost of the vocational training program

The cost can vary depending on the program and the vocational training centre. The guidance counsellor at your high school can provide you with the information or you can directly consult the vocational training centre website.

Can I explore a vocational training program before registering?

All training centres offer you the opportunity of exploring one or more of their programs by becoming Student for a day.  During this time of exploration, you will be able to either know you have made the right choice, or discover another program.

What about transportation ?

To know more about transportation between your school and the vocational training centre where your program is offered, ask your high school guidance counsellor.

How do I register?


Consult your high school guidance counsellor to register.


Programs with an  (*) are only offered in French


Partners for the Concomitance Estrie  (24U) Project

The Concomitance Estrie (24U) is an initiative grouping together the Estrie school boards . It is derived from a regional effort to support student graduation and meet the needs of local businesses, focusing on the many advantages of the concomitance (24U) training with students and their parents.

For the Estrie School Boards, it is imperative to jointly present, the diversity of the programs offered in concomitance (24U) thereby responding to the interests of a greater number of students.

Concomitance (24U), is one course, two diplomas…

A course not well known, off the beaten path, but one that also leads to success!

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